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Insure with Orange Bima and get more out of your device

At Orange we understand the pain you go through when you lose devices that are dear to you. This is why in partnership with CIC insurance, we introduce to you Orange Bima, a device and life insurance cover which will help to ease your worries when it comes to replacing your valuable devices.

Pay your device plus life cover package premiums for as low as Ksh.1 per day using your Orange airtime.

Get a Life cover only by paying premiums for as low as 66 cents per day using your Orange airtime. Dial *242# to subscribe.

The Device and life cover package has the following features:

  • Insures device against all risks and a life cover against accidental or natural death.
  • Only applicable to customers buying devices at the Orange shops.
  • Initial registration can only be done at Orange shops after filling in the registration form.
  • After registering for this cover, simply dial *242# to activate your policy.
Insurance Cover Silver sum assured (Ksh.) Gold sum assured (Ksh.) Platinum sum assured (Ksh.)
Life Ksh.15,000 Ksh.75,000 Ksh.100,000
Device Cover Ksh.7,000 Ksh.15,000 Ksh.40,000
Annual Premium Ksh.365 Ksh.1,000 Ksh.2,000

You can choose to pay the above premiums either daily, weekly or monthly.

With the life cover package, you benefit from:

  • Insurance against accidental or natural death.
  • Life cover is open to all active Orange customers.
  • Simply register by dialing *242#.
Insurance Cover
Diamond sum assured (Ksh.)
Platinum sum assured (Ksh.)
Infinity sum assured (Ksh.)
Life Ksh.30,000 Ksh.75,000 Ksh.100,000
Annual Premium Ksh.240 Ksh.600 Ksh.800

You can choose to pay the above premiums either daily, weekly or monthly.

Terms and Conditions for Life Cover:

  • Age limit – Maximum age at entry is 65 years next birthday.
  • Policy commencement – The policy commences after receipt of the first year’s premium.
  • Termination of cover – The policy will terminate if the outstanding premium for the given period is not received within 30 days or upon death of the life insured.
  • Waiting period – There will be a waiting period of 30 days from the commencement date of the policy for natural deaths. Accidental deaths are payable immediately.
  • Exclusions – The list of exclusions is as below:
    – Suicide or attempted suicide within the first 2 years of the policy.
    – Act committed by any life insured that is a violation of the law or any criminal activities.
    – Abuse of alcohol or willful taking of poison or drugs.
    – Any act of war (whether war be declared or not), military action, terrorist activities, civil commotion or insurrection.

Terms and Conditions for Device Cover:

  • Cover for devices to run for two consecutive years and the values insured will depreciate proportionately. See below example of a phone worth Ksh.15,000.
Insured Value
Insured Value
Insured Value
Purchase Price
Annual Depreciation
Month 6
Month 12
Month 18
Ksh.15,000 12.5% Ksh.14,063 Ksh.13,125 Ksh.12,188
  • Once a claim is lodged cover for the device will cease automatically.
  • Excess– Mobile Phones -10% each & every loss minimum Ksh. 1,000; Laptops, Ipads & other computer devices – 10% each & every loss minimum Ksh. 10,000.
  • Exclusions – Loss or damage resulting from:
    – Wear and tear, gradual deterioration, atmospheric conditions, mildew, moth, vermin or insect.
    – Any process of repair or renovation.
    – War invasion act of foreign enemy hostilities (whether declared or not), civil war, rebellion, insurrection, military usurped or power delay seizure, confiscation, abandonment or detention or requisition by order of Government Public Authority.
    – Earthquake, subterranean fire, riot or civil commotion or loot or pillage in connection therewith.
    – Mechanical or electrical breakdown or derangement however caused.
    – Locked Boot Warranty – No liability shall attach in respect of theft from unattended vehicle unless at the time of theft the articles were contained in a securely locked boot of the vehicle. The property insured shall be removed from the vehicle at night unless the vehicle is garaged in a securely locked garage.

You can subscribe to the device + life cover at any Orange shop, at the time of purchasing your device.
Subscribe to the life cover by dialling *242# from your Orange mobile. Simply follow the onscreen instructions.
To subscribe for any cover you will require an active Orange line and a valid Kenyan National ID/Alien ID/Passport.
To subscribe for the device cover, you will need to have purchased a device from an Orange shop, in addition to the requirements above.
Up to 2 devices can be insured.
To claim your device + life cover, please visit your closest Orange shop with any necessary documentation.
For Life cover, your claim can be processed at any CIC Insurance branch.
To claim for a stolen device, you must provide a police abstract, proof of ownership by sharing a copy of your national ID, documents used to purchase the device i.e. customer receipt or registration form.
To claim a damaged device, you must present the damaged device, proof of ownership by sharing a copy of your national ID, documents used to purchase the device i.e. customer receipt or registration form at an Orange shop.
To claim for life cover, death certificate of the policy holder must be provided.
Yes, you can change the frequency of your airtime deductions between daily, weekly and monthly at any time by dialling *242# and following the on screen instructions to manage your account.
The premium amount owed will be deducted when you top-up next within 30 days. After 30 days, your cover will lapse.
Your device is covered for theft and accidental damage. The life insurance covers accidental or natural death.
The policy cover starts after receipt of the first premium installment.
Life insurance is paid in the form of cash, however, for device, theft or damage you will be provided with a voucher to purchase a new device at an Orange shop, or, your device will be repaired for free if possible.
A 10% excess will be deducted from the original device price. The phone value will also depreciate proportionately over a period of 2 years.
Yes you can unsubscribe at any time by dialing *242#.
Yes. Once you are issued your voucher, you can add money to purchase a more expensive device.
No. Once you have selected a cover at the time of registration, you cannot switch to a different cover.
Your policy number is your Orange mobile number.
The device + life cover is available only at Orange owned shops. Check Orange shops.

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