Mornings Change With Orange.

Introducing the Amkia Mbundles free data campaign that allows our GSM mobile data prepaid customers to enjoy free 50MB data bundles, for use every day between 6am to 8am.

  • At 6am,there will be automatic switch over of data usage from customer’s main account and data wallets to the free 50MB data.
  • At 8am,there will be automatic switch over of data usage from the free 50MB offer to the customers active data wallets or main account.
  • In case a customer exhausts the 50MB before 8am,his data usage will be billed from his previous nonfree data account and then main account.

  • Enjoy Free 50MB data every day.
  • Easily access the offer by dialing *50#.
  • Enjoy the widest range of validity period options to suit their usage habits outside the free 50MB time band.
  • Enjoy stable 3G speeds in all the major towns in Kenya.
  • Very low cost of entry, customer just needs to buy a SIM card, register it, top up,buy bundles and enjoy free 50MB everyday in the morning from 6am-8am.
  • Enjoy very smooth customer journey with truly refined customer touch points.

  • Offer will be open to all Orange prepaid GSM subscribers who have a data enabled mobile phone.
  • The line must not have zero balance in the main account for a customer to enjoy the offer.
  • To be accessible only by USSD by dialing *50# from a mobile phone,phablet or tablet.
  • Customer cannot earn ziada points from consuming the free 50MB data bundle.
  • The free data shall not have any grace periods.
  • There is no roll over of any unused free 50MB data.
  • The offer will be on a use it or lose it basis.

Yes,the free 50MB Amkia Mbundle campaign goes live at the stroke of midnight on 11 April 2017.
If you have an active data bundle, it’s consumption is stopped between 6am and 8pm everyday during
which you will be able to use the free good morning bundle.
You cannot earn Ziada points with the use of the free 50MB Amkia Mbundle.
All the Amkia Mbundle balances must be used within the 6am to 8am time band.
You cannot extend the validity of the Amkia Mbundle.
Yes,the good morning data bundle will renew automatically daily once you opt in by dialing *50# for the
entire duration of the promotion.

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