• This is a virtual private network that uses Orange Kenya MPLS network to connect remote sites
  • The VPN uses virtual connections routed through Orange Kenya MPLS platform , from the business’s private network to the remote sites
  • By using a VPN, the business ensures security. Anyone intercepting the encrypted data cannot read it.

  • Optimization : Meshed solution, allowing any-to-any connections and traffic prioritization
  • Security: Secured data through fully secured MPLS network of Orange Telkom Kenya
  • Private and Confidential Network: Virtual private network (VPN) means all customers are configured to run on the same core network but their traffics are completely separated and protected.
  • Quality of service: Dedicated IP teams and data field teams
  • Classify Traffic and Give them Priority: When the customer wants to run several applications, like mails, SAP, video conferencing and IP telephony, the customer can give priority to these applications in order of criticality
  • Scalability: A customized solution that evolves according to your needs.
  • Widest national coverage
  • One Cable with Both Internet and WAN: The same link that provides branch to branch connection can be configured to provide internet service.
  • Back up service on Wireless Network: Business VPN can be packaged with 3G backup service to ensure resilience and higher reliability.
  • National Meshed Network: All the exchanges are connected in a meshed network topology with multiple redundant paths to the 9 MPLS POPs across the country

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