Call conferencing enables you to call  and communicate to several people at the same time by adding more participants to the call. For instance, if you are away and want to talk to all your group members or friends and family who are elsewhere, you can simply call and add five  of them to the call and hold your conference meeting. This service is currently available for all our prepaid customers whose phones support call conferencing.

How much does it cost?

The normal calling rates apply to Call conferencing  i.e. Ksh.2 to call another Orange number and Ksh.3 per minute to other networks. For International calls, the International call rates apply. The rate per minute to make a conference call will therefore be multiplied by the number of people you call up during the conference. For instance, if you call 2 people for 1 minute, you will be charged 2 x 2 x 1 = Ksh.4 per minute. The Called party B can also add at most 2 participants on the call and party B is charged for the call separately from caller A

Sample settings of using Call conferencing

  • Chama meetings
  • Family discussions
  • Business meetings
  • Group discussions
  • Friends social discussions

Call waiting

Call waiting enables you to make a telephone call and at the same time get notified of an incoming call. You can then be able to place the first call on hold while answering the second call. Call waiting service is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers whose phones can support the call waiting feature.

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