Closed User Group

This is a Orange postpaid mobile service that allows members within the same group to make or receive calls at subsidized rates. It is usually abbreviated as CUG. The CUG members could be your employees, your team mates, your field sales team or any other group of people who communicate amongst themselves.

You can control the cost of your telephone bills by paying a fixed amount per month. This service is recommended to facilitate communication in Small enterprises and medium sized businesses with more than one staff member to promote business communication and facilitation amongst the staff.

With this service, we are simply helping you manage your telephone costs per month. This how:

  • Closed User Group members can only communicate amongst themselves with the bundle offered and cannot call people outside the group using the same bundle thus committing resources to only benefit your group or business interest.
  • With Ksh.650 per month, each of the group members is allocated unlimited minutes for a month plus a free phone thus making you get the most of your telephone conversations.
  • The number of group members that can be on this service is unrestricted.
  • With the Ksh. 650 per month offer, you can either choose to have Kaduda, Nokia 105 or Orange Klif which is given to each of your group members for free. Kaduda has long battery life which is good for long conversations. For you to get the Orange Klif dual SIM smartphone, you also have to take up iControl offer. Click here to learn more about iControl.

Offer Monthly fee Device
3 free hours Ksh.250 No
50 free hours Ksh.450 No
Unlimited free hours + free device Ksh.650 Yes

How to sign up?

  • Visit an Orange shop
  • Fill out an application form
  • Attach a copy of your company registration certificate incorporation
  • Pin certificate
  • ID copies of the directors
  • Pay deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

Any customer who purchase the CUG(650) package.
No. you need to purchase an iControl package + CUG(650) to get this
There is no maximum. You can add as many members as you like.
No. The monthly payment is for a single device. Each device in the group has to
be paid for per month.

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