Facebook Bila Net

Facebook BilaNet enables you to access your Facebook account without internet. It is best suited for customers who do not have internet access.

You don’t have to have internet on your phone anymore to access Facebook. Access your Facebook page anywhere anytime.

What can you do with Facebook BilaNet?

  • View your news feed
  • Check and update your status
  • View and respond to friend requests
  • Send and receive messages and chat with your friends

How much does it cost to use Facebook BilaNet?

Daily bundle
Weekly bundle
Monthly bundle

Q:  Does Facebook BilaNet work on any phone?

A: Yes. You can enjoy Facebook BilaNet on phones that are internet enabled and those that are not.

Q:  Am I able to post and view photos on Facebook BilaNet?

A: Facebook BilaNet is text only thus you are not able to view photos.

Q: Am I able to connect with my friends on other networks while using Facebook BilaNet?

A:  Yes, you can connect with friends who are on other networks.

Q: When accessing the service with an internet enabled phone, does it consume my internet bundles?

A:  No, it doesn’t. You subscribe to Facebook BilaNet separately.

Q: How is my Facebook BilaNet usage charged?

A:  The amount you consume is deducted as per your bundle subscription from your main account.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the daily bundle of Facebook BilaNet?

A: Simply send the word STOP to 72000.

Q:  Is the weekly and monthly bundle subscription auto renewed?

A: No, only the daily bundle is auto renewable.

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