For even better value, we have created for you a variety of bundles that satisfy your needs. Holla bundles allow you to make calls, SMS and use the internet at affordable prices.

With Holla you enjoy:

  • Holla
  • Holla Plus
  • Holla Premium

All Holla bundles are valid for 24 hours only. To activate dial *10#.

Price Ksh 9 Ksh 19 Ksh 49
On-Net Minutes 40 min 100 min 200 min
SMS (Any Network) 40 SMS 100 SMS 200 SMS
Data 10 MB 20 MB 100 MB

* Holla Bundles come with Free Facebook & Wikipedia

Yes, you can subscribe to the same bundle or a lower or higher bundle before the expiry of your existing bundle.
The bundle balance will reflect both the existing and new accounts.
Holla bundles are valid for 24hrs.
The validity of the bundle changes to that of the new subscription.
If you buy the same Holla bundle e.g. Holla Plus twice before the expiry then the last subscription will be auto renewed. If you buy different Holla Bundles e.g. Holla Plus & Holla Premium, both bundles will be auto renewed
The last subscribed bundle will be the bundle that is auto renewed
Any unutilized minutes, SMS & data will be forfeited once the bundle expires.
Yes you earn ziada points on the cost of the bundle

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