International Call Bundles

Calling America, Canada and China often? Keeping in touch with loved ones in America, United Kingdom, India, China and Canada is now economical. Call these 5 destinations for only Ksh 1.99 per minute.
Dial*123# then Select 3 (Talk, Text & More) to subscribe to your preferred bundle.

Bundle Cost (Ksh) International minutes Rate per min Validity Period
99 30 minutes 3.3 30 days
199 60 minutes 3.3 30 days
499 180 minutes 2.8 30 days
999 500 minutes 1.99 30 days
  • Dial*123# then Select 3 (Talk, Text & More) to subscribe
  • The bundles are valid for 30 days

With this offer you can also enjoy:

  • Calls to other national networks at Ksh. 3 per minute

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I subscribe to the International bundle?
Simply dial*123# then Select 3 (Talk, Text & More). Select the bundle that suits your need and confirm purchase.

Q: How can I check my International bundle balance?
Dial *123# select 3 (Talk, Text & More) then 3 (International bundles). You will see the international bundle minutes balance.

Q: How long do I have to use my International bundles?
The bundle is valid for 30 days from the time of subscription.

Q: How many countries can I call with my International bundles?
You can make calls to India, USA, UK Fixed, China & Canada.

Q: Can I buy a new international bundle before I utilise all the minutes on my international bundle?
Yes you can, if a new bundle is purchased before the expiry of your existing bundle, the unused minutes of your existing bundle will be added to the minutes of your new bundle.

Q: What if I exhaust my International bundles before the 30 days ?
You can purchase another bundle, if not further international calls from that point will be charged at the PAYG rate.

Q: Is the international bundle auto renewed?
No. This bundle won’t be auto renewed after 30 days. The customer has to subscribe by dialing #123#.

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