What is it?

There is a software update available for Orange Internet Everywhere dongles.

Upgrades are available for the following formats: Click below to download

Compatible dongles: Huawei E3131S-2; Huawei E3131AS; Huawei E3531; Huawei E303h; Huawei E3251; Huawei E3276; ZTE MF667; Alcatel X500D.

Compatible OS: Windows 8 32 bit; Windows 8 64 bit; Windows 7; Windows Vista; Windows XP; Mac OS 10.4; Mac OS 10.5; Mac OS 10.6; Mac OS 10.7; Mac OS 10.8; Mac OS 10.9; Linux.

How does the kit look like?
The user interface has been given a cosmetic overhaul, now with a more distinctive ‘Orange’ look and an improved menu structure.

The new kit looks like this:

Wi-Fi management
The Wi-Fi management feature allows you to control the connection of both your computer’s native Wi-Fi and your Internet Everywhere connection in one place.

This helps you decide the best network to connect, as you now don’t need to go into the computer’s Wi-Fi management software to change the connection when entering a Wi-Fi hotspot area.

  • New design that is easier to navigate thus improving the customer experience.
  • Presence of a quick services module that allow users to access Orange services based on USSD even without an internet connection.
  • New and improved SMS module that gives the customer a threaded view of messages per conversation similar to a smartphone.
  • New SMS module that allows user to manage contacts by creating, deleting and editing contacts.
  • Presence of quick services access list with the most commonly used commands e.g. top-up, purchase bundles etc.
  • The kit provides the ability to launch another application whenever the “Connect” button is pressed. He can do this by going to Settings -> Configuration and then selecting the program to start when the kit is initialized.
  • User has the option to opt out of IPT messages by going to Settings – > Configuration and checking the “opt out” option. He/she can change this later if he/she so wishes.

Q:   Will I be charged to download the Internet Everywhere Kit v4?
A:   No, you will not be charged, it is free to download.
Q:   Will I still be able to top up and buy bundles from the user interface?
A:   Yes, you will be able to top up and buy bundles by doing either of the following; clicking on the ‘Quick services’ tab, entering USSD *130*PIN# to top up then purchase bundles using #123#, clicking on the ‘Quick services’ tab, and then going to the ‘access to quick services list’ and selecting from the options or by sending a SMS with the scratch card PIN to 130 on the ‘Messaging’ tab.
Q:   Will I be able to get data consumption alerts?
A:   You can get data consumption alerts, by setting your own alert thresholds using the ‘Usage’ tab.
Q:   Will I need to uninstall the v4 kit in case a newer version is introduced?
A:   No, the enhanced update process for upgrading is as easy as clicking a tab/button. When an upgrade is available, you will be notified.
Q:   Do I have an easy way to know my modem number?
A:   Yes, you can see it by clicking on ‘Quick services’ tab and using the USSD command *130#.
Q:   Sometimes the interface is showing 3G+, does it mean that I am on CDMA network ?
A:   No, 3G+ is the international logo for very high 3G speed (HSDPA)

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