• Adaptive, high performance 21st Century point to point circuit on a digital leased line.
  • Utilises digital transmission channels of defined capacity.
  • The circuit is private and permanently on.
  • The circuit is management by the customer with complete ownership of IP addressing.
  • Fixed Monthly access fee.

  • Fixed bandwidth on a fixed monthly fee.
  • Secure and confidential connectivity.
  • Non-contention based cabled solution (Your circuit is yours.
  • Easy to configure and Manage- Maintain end-to-end control of IP.
  • No variable usagcostse hence help in budget control.
  • Fast provisioning, within two weeks on customer order.
  • Robust network monitoring , fault management and customer care with single point of contact.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with Ethernet interfaces.

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A 24/7 monitored web portal is sold together with the service through which you can log all your calls.

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