What is NiSort

This is a reverse call service that enables you to make a call to someone else with an Orange line and the person you have called pays for the call you have made.


  • You can access NiSort menu by dialing #123# and selecting NiSort.
  • From the menu you can add a list of numbers of people you want to pay for their reverse calls.

How to Subscribe

  • Dial 128 followed by the Orange number you want to call
  • The person being called will get a voice prompt to either pay or not to pay for the call
  • Alternatively you can access the service by dialing #123#, select NiSort and follow the prompts.
  • If a caller is on your list, the voice prompt is skipped and the called person pays for the call.

  • Nisort is ideal when you need to make an urgent call and you do not have access to airtime
  • Customers / Clients to Business communication- a company might invite calls from customers to enhance customer interaction without airtime barriers .

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