Orange Travel is Orange Kenya roaming service. Roaming is defined as the ability for GSM users to automatically make and receive voice calls, send and receive data, or access other services when travelling outside the geographical coverage area of their own home network, by means of using a visited network. With Orange Travel, customers travelling abroad can use the services of another foreign operator where Orange has a commercial roaming agreement in place to permit this.

While roaming, your telephone number remains unchanged, and you can receive telephone calls just like you were in Kenya. Your bill will be paid in Kenya in Kshs. The list of available destinations is growing every day. Be sure to call our customer care service on 100 from your Telkom or Orange line before you travel to check if your destination is available.

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Are you travelling to Uganda, Rwanda or South Sudan soon? Are you a frequent traveler to these countries? Roam with Mashariki bundle to enjoy seamless borderless communication. As you go out there to exploit the available opportuinities, we are obliged to make your communication experiences seamless and affordable so that your communication costs remain as low as possible. Get more talk time with the most affordable roaming bundle in the region.

The bundle offers you the flexibility of both minutes and SMS’s together or an option of minutes only or SMS’s only.

You can either choose to use Voice and SMS together as follows:

Price Minutes SMS
Ksh.500 30 70
Ksh.1,000 70 120

Alternatively, if you exhaust your minutes and still have the SMS’s, the SMS’s will automatically be converted in to minutes whenever you decide to make a call. If you have exhausted the SMS’s and still have minutes, the minutes will too be converted in to SMS’s translating to below:-

Price Minutes(only) SMS(only)
Ksh.500 Up to 65 Up to 130
Ksh.1,000 Up to 130 Up to 260

To subscribe

  • Dial #123#
  • Select Voice/SMS bundles followed by Roaming bundles then you preferred option


  • Reduced roaming charges in comparison to roaming on pay as you go in Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.
  • Benefit of voice and SMS bundled service instead of paying for them separately.
  • The bundle rates take in to account a volume based discount.

 Terms and conditions

  • Bundle expires after 14 days from date of purchase.
  • Purchase of new bundle will automatically overwrite any unconsumed minutes or SMS’s in the previous one.
  • Bundle covers voice and SMS traffic for prepaid Orange Kenya customers while roaming in Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan and for traffic destined only to within visited country (Local), Kenya (calling back home), Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.
  • This is a permanent offer.
  • All traffic to other destinations will be charged as per applicable roaming rates.

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