At Orange, we know you are passionate about business. This is why with Surf and Pay, you can offer internet to your customers and charge per minute or per MB. Orange Surf and Pay, a Wi-Fi router, offers you a “business in a box solution”. It is designed for businesses that want to generate a new revenue stream by providing their customers with internet access and thereafter charging them through an embedded billing interface that is flexible and secure. Businesses that can benefit from this include:

  • Hotels
  • Cyber cafes
  • Apartment blocks
  • Learning institutions
  • Restaurants
  • Taxis
  • Coffee shops
  • Buses
  • Schools
  • Shared offices
  • Hospitals
  • Salons

Internet Access:

  • Orange Surf and Pay is a plug and play device.
  • Gives you a simple user interface.
  • You can easily create and remove users.
  • The countdown timer is visible on the customer’s lap top/ computer .
  • Simple charging system based on either time or Volume of data used
  • With the embedded billing software, easily print charge vouchers to bill the customer.


  • With Orange Surf and Pay, you can manage the browsing speeds of your customers by either increasing or decreasing .
  • Change the Wi-Fi spot password any time.
  • Create up to 20 users at the same time with different passwords and log in details.
  • Monitor the number of users and their data usages.
  • With the flexible tariff plan, you are able to charge different customers, different prices depending on your client type.


  • Orange Surf and Pay is based on the 3G technology and offers you superfast internet speeds.


  • Orange Surf and Pay has a power back up battery with 4 hours life .

Time Based Bundle
Price (Kshs)
Validity (Days)
XCELL Weekly 990 7
XCELL Monthly 2,990 30

Data Bundle Price (Kshs) Validity (days)
50 MB 50 90 days
100 MB 100 90 days
400 MB 250 90 days
1 GB 500 90 days
2 GB 1,000 90 days
5 GB 2,000 90 days
10 GB 3,000 90 days
25 GB 5,750 90 days
50 GB 6,750 90 days

Frequently Asked Questions

The Surf & Pay Wi-Fi router has an embedded billing software that you can use to choose between charging per time or volume e.g. 1 hour per user or 1 GB per user.
Create users, print user vouchers and remove abusive users,monitoring the number of active users and their live usage and increase or decrease the connection speed for each user customer during their session.
The router includes a 4 hour rechargeable battery for service continuity.
You can connect up to 20 computers with download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps.
The device has a one year warranty; therefore you need to bring it back to the orange shops with the receipts.

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