• The proliferation of multiple communications tools and increased business travel are conspiring to make people harder to reach.
  • When this happens to key personnel, it can dramatically affect business processes, even causing them to grind to a halt. The result: delays, inefficiency and lost productivity, which translates into lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

Collaboration for dispersed workforce

Our unified communications solutions help you connect a geographically dispersed workforce using multiple communications tools across time zones and continents and stop human delay from slowing down your business processes. With our extensive expertise in network, messaging, mobility, security and telephony solutions, we ensure your company reaps the full benefits of fast, reliable and secure real-time collaboration. This, in turn, improves business processes and speeds up workflows by reducing human latency.

Customized solutions

We create customized solutions that integrate all the collaborative tools you need into a single user-friendly interface accessible from office PCs, laptops, mobile phones or PDAs.We help you assess your business’s needs and design a tailored solution based on leading collaborative tools, including:

  • Managed Microsoft OCS.Our Managed Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) solution is based on the latest software from the market leader. It is delivered as a hosted and fully-managed solution that addresses enterprise IM and associated collaboration services. You can choose between a basic solution that provides standard IM and presence capabilities or a customized solution that includes the ability to instant message public users or partners and enables browser access.
  • For further functionality, we have integrated our Managed Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) with enterprise telephony from Cisco. Users are provided with a single end-user client – Microsoft Office Communicator – which unifies real-time and non-real time communications across multiple devices and media types, including instant messaging, email, telephony and mobile telephony. With integrated Cisco IP phones, employees can access advanced telephony features, such as presence and click-to-call, directly within Microsoft Office Communicator, Outlook, Office suite or SharePoint.

Our unified communications solutions enable employees to rapidly resolve issues, make decisions faster and work better with dispersed colleagues. Other business benefits include:

  • Low cost-of-ownership and cost predictability.
  • Flexibility to change capacity and features according to business needs.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to information.
  • Business-class instant messaging and collaboration fully integrated into your IT infrastructure.

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