March 14, 2013 5:31 PM
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As part of our promise for new and better services, we have launched a new billing service: the E-bill

E-bill is a web portal that will enable you to access and download your bills at any time. You will also be able to access other billing information such as services you have subscribed with us, past bills, past payments. We shall incorporate other features to improve your experience as we go along.

From the month of December 2012 to March 2013, you will be able to obtain your bills online through this service as well as receive paper bill. We will however cease from sending you paper bills thereafter and you will only be able to obtain your bills through the E-bill.

Apart from improving our billing process, this service will help you:
  • Receive your bills promptly
  • Manage and track your bills
  • Eliminate your mailing cost as the service is online thus accessible anywhere around the globe
Our E-bill support team is dedicated to supporting you throughout the transition

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

If you wish for any further information on the online access, please contact our customer service team on 100,, or visit our website: If you already have your credentials just click on “ebill”
  • Our e-bill service is easy and secure. Instead of a paper bill, you can receive an email alert to let you know, your bill is ready
  • Ebill portal is delivering a Digital document fully recognized as having a legal value (The KC(A) Act, 2009)
  • View your billing and payment history for at least the past 12 months
  • Ebill Portal is available all around the globe 24/7
  • View the date and amount of your last payment
  • Follow up of your monthly traffic and control the on-going traffic
  • Easily print your bill if you need to
  • Quickly download your bill as a pdf or into a spreadsheet
  • Forward and transfer an invoice by mail easily
  • Enhance your internal processes by promoting zero paper
  • Reduce the payment process and your internal costs
  • Avoid the risk of non-delivered invoice
    How do I use ebill?
  • Once you have your credentials, get connected to internet and just click on Ebill: to access the portal, and then follow the indications within the portal. For more information you can download the guideline.

  • How do I get my ID and password?
  • If you have not yet received your credentials, you can contact your customer care or your dedicated service manager.

  • Is the service free?
  • Ebill is totally free for any postpaid customer; the service is not available for a prepaid customer.

  • Is ebill secured?
  • Ebill is fully secured; no one can access your bill without having your credentials. This is the reason why we will only deliver the credentials to the person responsible for bills. For security reasons you will be asked to customize your password at the time of your first login. Your new password allows users to access your confidential data. Please keep your new password secret. Telkom Kenya will not be held responsible for an inappropriate usage of your personal area.

  • How do I get a reset my password?
  • As explained earlier, it is important for us to guarantee at a highest level the security of your access, then for any request to reset your password you will be required to call our customer care (100) before calling us thanks to get with you your last bill and your customer ID.

  • How can I keep on receiving a paper bill?
  • Up to March 2013, you will still get your paper bill every month, then after this date if you still want to get a paper invoice, you will have to subscribe to a “paper option” by calling our customer care or via your dedicated Service Manager. The option will cost 150 Kes per month/invoice.

  • How can I get support?
  • Our customer care will be fully dedicated to support you along this major step; moreover your dedicated agent will guide you as well as our team members in any shop. Much information is also displayed in our website, giving you most of the answers to your questions.

  • How to proceed with payment in ebill?
  • Payment process will not change, if you are paying in a shop, the paper invoice will not be required to proceed. Unless you need to print your bill for your internal process, you will just need to capture the line reference and your customer ID to proceed with the payment. If you pay through Orange Money or Bank Transfer the process will remain exactly the same terms and conditions privacy policy contact us site map        
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